Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy promotes independence, increases participation, facilitates motor development and function, improves strength, enhances learning opportunities, and eases care giving.

Pediatric physical therapists use play activities to engage young patients and help them achieve their highest functional level. Children—and their parents—can relax and have fun as the child learn and develop physical skills.Pediatric physical therapists work to help children reach their maximum potential for functional independence through examination, evaluation, promotion of health and wellness, and implementation of a wide variety of interventions and supports.Pediatric PTs support children from infancy through adolescence and collaborate with their families and other medical, educational, developmental, and rehabilitation specialists.Paediatric Physical Therapist helps premature infants with feeding therapy, therapeutic handling and developmental stimulation. She also teaches parents how to continue their child's care at home and help their child develop further.They promote the participation of children in daily activities and routines in the home and school.

    The aim of physiotherapy is to:

  • To maximise each child's functional independence
  • To facilitate optimal development in all areas
  • To increase or maintain the range of joints movements as appropriate
  • To increase or maintain muscle strength and flexibility as appropriate
  • To help each child to return to their pre-operative level of function or greater in cases of surgery

An evaluation is performed by a licensed physical therapist and an individualized treatment plan of care is developed. In addition to addressing a child's physical wellbeing, therapists take into consideration the psychological, social and environmental factors that affect them. Parental involvement in the physical therapy process is highly encouraged and recommended. The therapists consult with parents on an ongoing basis in regards to their child’s progress. Parental training in the techniques used in therapy can improve a child’s overall success and allow the child to practice skills learned in therapy outside the treatment sessions.

Our specialist team of paediatric physiotherapists strive to provide a high standard of assessment, treatment and care for babies and children. Their aim is to meet the realistic expectations of each child and their family, whilst trying to maximise the potential of every child's social and physical lifestyle, promoting development into adulthood.

All of our paediatrics physiotherapists are members of The INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS; have extensive clinical experience and regularly update their knowledge by undertaking postgraduate courses and training.

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