Speech Therapy

Speech is a complex sensorimotor process that involves all levels of the nervous system and a distributed network of structures, pathways, and musculature. Naturalness and intelligibility of speech are also being measured more commonly and with greater sophistication. In Speech we will evaluate two things mainly:

  • Swallowing exam
  • Speech exam.

Evaluation of oropharyngeal swallowing typically begins with a clinical swallowing exam (CSE), which minimally includes the following components:

  • A history
  • An oral motor examination, often with sensory testing
  • A physical examination to assess items such as voice quality, strength of cough, and palpation of hyolaryngeal movement with swallowing
  • Observation of how foods and liquids are swallowed

The traditional speech exam consists of four substantive parts:

  • History
  • Oral mechanism exam
  • Maximum performance testing
  • Evaluation of the speech mechanism during speech tasks洋ost importantly during connected speech

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